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Update: 6-23-20

The Robbin Crosby Video Link Is Fixed

Update: 1-14-17

Robbin Crosby - Late Interview

Update: 4-13-11  This is the last time Robbin and I played together and as far as I know the last time he ever played live before he left us.

The Last Robbin Crosby Recording Session.

The Last Robbin Crosby Recording Session


In honor of Mr. Robbin Crosby.

The recording was done in late 1999 at The Cellar.  Unfortunately, it became the last recording Robbin Crosby performed on.  It is my honor to present this clip to you on Robbins behalf.  He is playing a solo on a record called The River-The Life, by a band called Air Pavillion.  We are in the control room and his amps are in the studio room.  This is the original "first take," he only did one take.  This is the performance on the record, as recorded in real time.  Ironically, the song is called The Canyon (The River Of Dreams).  If you listen carefully, you can hear him switching pick ups and the sound in the control room as we did it.  This record also features Kelly Hansen, on lead vocals, Tom Croucier, on bass, Jay Shellen on drums and Tak Yonemochi on guitars.

Special thanks goes out to: Tak Yonemochi for the footage.  I gave him a hard time for taping this session, but now I'm glad he did.


































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